Wednesday, December 26, 2007

an unexpected Christmas, 2007

Zander got to see Santa!
We just made it to Santa in time Christmas Eve...I called ahead, and they were waiting...for the 4:30 cut-off. I dashed into the parking garage below where I knew Santa was, and insisted that one of the boys in red shirts make sure that Zander took the elevator to the right floor. I told him -- you only have a minute, so as soon as you get off the elevator, you just keep saying "where's Santa" and run if you have to.

Well, I parked the car, took the elevator (to the wrong floor, of course), ran the wrong way, and finally figured out which floor and where. As I ran through the mallways, I wondered where Zander might be, and how the hell I'd find him if he got lost. Found Santa -- and of course Zander was there -- they'd been looking for out for him, and were really hoping he'd make it in time. He did...with seconds to spare, and had no problem at all! By the time I got there, there was a crowd of people begging to get in after the line had closed -- and Zander was standing proud, the last in line. He then directed me to go around the outside, and wait behind the camera area. Since the line was just for people who were waiting to see Santa.

Of course, when I picked him up, he asked me where his big toy catalog was -- he marks it every year to show Santa. Three flyers from Sunday's paper worked. He didn't even want a pen "I'll remember", he said. He was ready for Santa, for sure.

Santa was so patient as Zander rummaged through the pages. He's pointing out a drum set, and a DVD of Rush Hour 3. After we had the pictures taken, I saw him heading off with the bag. "Wait, I have to pay!" Well, no, now they've decide that special needs individuals get it free. Sweet. So THAT little Christmas bonus we ate in Zander's choice -- Chinese food in the food court. Jackie Chan food, of course.

I had to photo his Santa picture -- the pic *I* took failed to flash. Oh well.

Ahhh...the Christmas lights sure looked lovely as we drove that night!

And then the tree -- well, everyone was gone or closed before Christmas Eve. We drove to all the places we knew...nary a tree to be seen. It was looking grim, until Zander said "AHA!" -- and there was a tree nursery, with the cut christmas trees lining the fence. We pulled in and two trees, rolled up, had been left outside, against the fence. At 7PM on Christmas Eve, outside the place that closed at noon --- well, he figured it was for us! So we had a huge tree I cut in half. Of course I forgot that my drill and saw are loaned to a friend, so the "tree stand" is a pot of water, and it leans against the bookcase! I decorated it with some of my handmade ornaments -- traditional and modern.
Christmas morning found presents under the tree from SANTA!! Santa substituted an MP3 player for the drum set, but did remember Rush Hour 3.There were a few from mom, too, like a new hoodie and a WWE calendar. I told him they were from my Etsy Angels -- the people I talk to on the computer where I sell. Thank you, everyone.

I'll pretty this post up later. Just wanted y'all to see a little of what your generosity has accomplished!

Christmas Love from Astrid & Zander


Amber said...

Wow! That is one cool guy that Santa. He rules!

You both look so nice sitting there to lunch and that hoodie looks really great!

Happy Christmas to you both!

Recycled By Hyena said...

He looks so great with his hoodie, I am jealous, it's a nice one!

I am so glad everyone help you guys that way.
I feel so bad when I think about all the people who helped me for the kid of the Selva...

Bisous to you and Zander!

Ang @ Purple Sage Designz Hippie Crafting said...

I enjoyed reading your Christmas post, cool pics, too. Happy New Year to you and Zander!

Sandra Eileen - Artisan Jewelry For Your Good Life said...


Happy Holidays to you both :)

threemuses said...

So glad you and Zander had a wonderful Christmas!