Thursday, November 8, 2007

New Store! SafetyThird on Etsy

It had to happen -- the shirts just overwhelmed my dresses and skirts. I agonized long about opening another shop, since I had no idea what I would call it. Well, sometimes things are just too obvious that one doesn't think of them. Once I had the name, everything flowed, and I even got two sales in the first few days!

My logo is the basis for a whole new series of shirts I'm working on. Is it obvious that I'm RunzwithScissors??!!

SafetyThird will offer shirts and onesies with Subject matter for Geeks and Goths alike, and their spawn -- with dangerous themes, and slight dismissals of the warnings from those who would tiptoe carefully throught the world.

Hope you like them!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

test of Etsy Mini modification

Changing the numbers on the code to give sizes larger than offered.
Etsy's max was 5 rows or columns -- I changed to code to give me 6.

just edit the part that says 'thumbnail', n1, n2 or 'gallery', n1, n2

so that the n1 is the rows you want, and n2 is the columns you want.

It works!
I made 6 rows and siz columns.