Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year's Day -- and a very different year, we hope!

Ahhh -- such a Christmas Zander and I have had this year. It's been really beautiful in many ways -- just marred by that Christmas cold I came down with on the 26th! All that stress, you know? So I've been moving very slowly since then, due to all the sniffles and head pains and general muscle aches. Today's New Year's Day, tho, and I need to say something for the new year! The history of how things came to be is in my earlier blogs about my Etsy angels

We went grocery shopping the day after Christmas -- found day-old donuts and fresh turkeys on sale for $0.69/pound -- $7.00 got us a whole turkey!!!

And then a day later a package came in the mail for Zander from Santa!

 Thanks, catiahades !
 He read the return address, and really ripped into the box to see what it was. Usually he's very methodical about opening gifts -- but this one was too special. Maybe he thought the drum set was in it? (no, he's NOT getting one. ever!)

It had a letter from Santa, too, which he could read, with a little help on 2 or 3 words.

He got chocolate candy (always welcome), a locking CD case (really needed!) and a new Nintendo wallet. It was such a pleasure to see his excitement at that package from Santa. That's what happens when you believe --- it comes true

And Santa even remembered something for me -- wonderful bath stuff for relaxing in. Zander made sure I saw all the stuff for me, first, even though I knew he wanted to rip into the rest!!

I'm getting it together and making the stuffing for my turkey this afternoon...although the antihistamines have me all spacey! That little turkey will cook pretty fast, fortunately...and just the right size for two! He just saw the turkey sitting on the counter, and pointed out that BOTH legs belong to him!! He's a leg man, for sure.